Presenters Information

Present at the Largest Ed-Tech Event in the Northwest!

In light of the current restrictions due to COVID-19 we are transitioning NCCE 2021 to a virtual platform. We invite you to be part of this new program which will be a combination of live and on-demand sessions. The conference dates of March 17-19 will be extended to March 17-20.

The NCCE Conference is an opportunity to showcase innovative instructional strategies and technology resources that have a positive impact on learning. Individuals representing all academic disciplines and levels in the educational system and all phases of technology education are welcome to submit proposals. As you consider potential topics, we anticipate an increase in professional development with an emphasis on remote learning, student engagement, authentic assessment and related topics.

Types of Presentations:

50-minute Concurrent Session

Sessions are 50 minutes in length and designed for you to share information and interact with attendees on a topic in which you have expertise. Lead presenters will receive a free registration.

90-minute Session/Workshop

Ninety-minute sessions/workshops are offered to provide an opportunity to learn a new skill or take a deeper dive into a topic. Lead presenters will receive a free registration.

IGNITE Session

IGNITE sessions are 10-minute fast-paced presentations that are intended to “Ignite” the passion, curiosity, and interest of the audience in a creative and unexpected way. Each presenter will use his/her own device and may have exactly 20 slides. Each IGNITE session has a conference volunteer that will facilitate the session by introducing the presenters, ensuring presentations are ready, and leading a brief opportunity for questions.

Panel Discussion

Panel discussions should consist of a facilitator and panel members and are a great format to bring together several subject matter experts representing different regions. Panel members should be provided questions ahead of time and you should also plan for an opportunity for Q and A. The lead panelist will receive a free registration.

Selection Process:

Selections will be chosen based on their interest to conference attendees and relevance to current trends and best practices. NCCE prefers to focus on the teaching and learning with ed-tech applications rather than devices/tools/apps.

  1. Provide a well-written description of your proposal. This information appears in the conference mobile app and on the conference website. We recommend writing your description offline, so you can proofread and spell check your document.
  2. Be specific about the focus of your presentation. Space is limited, so be brief and concise.
  3. This is your opportunity to generate interest in your presentation, so make your proposal unique!
  4. Proposals should be new content and should not have been presented at a previous NCCE conference.
  5. Proposals are reviewed and selected by a volunteer selection committee of NCCE members along with the Conference Program Director.
  6. You will be notified by email by mid-November if your proposal is selected for the conference. You will then be asked to accept NCCE’s invitation to present. Please make sure you have the necessary approvals from your district or organization beforehand.

Selection Criteria:

All proposals will be carefully reviewed and selected by a committee of NCCE members.

  1. The proposal description is complete, clearly stated and of interest to attendees.
  2. The topic is current, a proven best practice or an exciting emerging trend in educational technology.
  3. The proposal description convinces the reader that the presenter has a solid understanding of the topic and has an ability to engage and inspire the audience.
  4. The topic is a fit for the focus areas for the conference.

Each presenter is expected to provide an electronic copy of his/her resources and/or presentation in advance. These will be posted on the conference website. (Presenters maintain property rights.)

Presenter Registration Information:

NCCE requires all main presenters and co-presenters to register for the conference by January 29, 2021. Lead presenters for sessions, workshops and panels will receive a free registration. If registration is not completed by this deadline, the accepted presentation may be cancelled, and you will not receive a free registration.

Key Dates:

NCCE 2021 Conference Date:

March 17-20, 2021


Submission close date: September 25, 2020

Applicants will receive notification of acceptance by mid-November.

Presenter Registration Deadline:

Main presenters and co-presenters are required to register for the conference by January 29, 2021. If presenters are not registered by this deadline, your presentation is not guaranteed, and you will not receive discounted registration rates.