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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most common questions we receive from exhibitors. If you can't find the information you need below, please contact Exhibit Management at 541.346.3537 or .

Current contracted exhibitors may log in to the Exhibitor Services Portal for the most up-to-date information on services and ordering options throughout the conference cycle.

Where can I find my login information to the Exhibitor Services Portal?

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If you're a confirmed exhibitor, your login credentials were sent to you via email in your booth reservation acknowledgment. If you have trouble locating the information, please .

Who attends the conference?

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The Northwest Council for Computer Education conference attracts more than 1,800 education and technology leaders from around the Northwest, the majority of whom are leaders and key influencers for educational technology purchases. Titles include administrators, teachers, and tech directors.

Will there be opportunities for exhibitors to speak and give presentations?

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The opportunity to present at NCCE 2020 has passed. For further questions, please contact: Jean Bengfort — .

Does carpeting/furniture/electric come with my booth? How do I order additional furnishings?

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Everything included in your booth package is listed on the pricing and benefits page. Additional furnishings and services can be purchased through the Exhibitor Manual, which includes detailed information on exhibitor activities, important exhibit hall guidelines, shipping, utilities and special services, and other exposition logistics. All contracted exhibitors will have access to the Exhibitor Manual online through the Exhibitor Services Portal in December.

Fern Exposition Services, the official general services decorator and drayage contractor for the exhibit hall, will maintain a service desk in the exhibit hall during installation, exhibit hall hours and dismantling. Contact Fern Exposition Services at:


How do I ship materials to the conference?

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Shipping information is included in the online exhibitor manual through the Fern Exposition Services online marketplace. All contracted exhibitors who have paid their booth balance in full have access to the exhibitor manual online through the Exhibitor Services Portal, available in December 2019. For additional shipping questions, please contact Fern Exposition Services at:


Is Wi-Fi provided in the exhibit hall?

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The booth rental does not include Wi-Fi or hard-line internet, storage, placement, shipment or reshipment of exhibit materials, special lighting, booth furnishings, tables, chairs, electrical supplies, carpet, individual booth cleaning or any other special services ordered by the exhibitor. All contracted exhibitors who have paid their booth balance in full can order these services in the exhibitor manual through the Exhibitor Services Portal, available in December 2019.

Are there any restrictions on what I can include in my booth?

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Please consult item 3 in the NCCE 2020 Exhibit Hall Rules and Regulations for more information. Pay special attention to rules around flooring and floor heights, as well as general height restrictions.

Decorations such as balloons, hanging signs and banners are subject to approval. Please refer to the Exhibit Hall Rules and Regulations for more information. Pay special attention to rules around flooring and floor heights, as well as general height restrictions for a detailed description of the rules, regulations, and liabilities governing the NCCE 2020 exhibit hall.

All hanging signs and specialty booth designs require written approval from .

Peninsula exhibits: These face three aisles. This type of exhibit must limit the length of the back wall to one-­half the width of the space (centered), and the back wall and any other display item must not be more than 8' in height. A booth design must be submitted to Exhibit Management for approval prior to move-in onsite.

If you have any questions about your booth design or approvals you think you will need to ensure successful booth installation onsite, please contact .

Do you have booth spaces that are smaller than 10' x 10'?

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We do not offer booth spaces smaller than 10' x 10'. If you wish to increase the size of your booth, please contact with your request. Booth pricing is based on 10' x 10' increments.

Are there discounts available for nonprofit organizations?

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The exhibit space pricing structure is the same for every company, regardless of tax status or affiliation. Please see our pricing and benefits page for details on booth rates.

How can I get an invoice or a W–9 form?

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Invoices and W-9 forms are readily available in the Exhibitor Services Portal under "accounting services."

How can I pay my account balance? Can I pay by credit card over the phone?

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We cannot accept credit card payments over the phone. For your security, we never store credit card information. You can make a credit card payment at any time by logging in to the Exhibitor Services Portal and selecting “pay account balance.”

You may also pay by check. Make checks payable to NCCE and send to:

NCCE 2020
Exhibit Management
1277 University of Oregon
Eugene, OR 97403-1277

How can I update my company name, company contact, email address, etc., for exhibit logistics purposes?

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You can update your company's contact information, organization description or product and service categories through the Exhibitor Services Portal under “Submit Organization Profile.”

Any changes to your company name, contacts and contact emails addresses must be submitted in an email to .

How do I register my booth staff and how many badges do I receive?

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Each exhibiting organization receives five (5) complimentary booth staff (exhibitor) badges per 10' x 10' booth space reserved.

Booth staff (exhibitor) badges do not permit access to sessions, workshops or other ticketed activities. Booth staff (exhibitor) badges permit access to keynotes and exhibit hall only.

Please note: Organization contacts are not automatically registered as booth staff for the event. Please register any necessary booth staff through the Exhibitor Services Portal starting this Fall.

Dates and Location

March 4–6, 2020

Seattle — Washington State Convention Center

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