Physical Computing with Phidgets

Thursday, March 5 1:15 pm–3:05 pm
Exhibit Hall - Table 6

Phidgets are interactive USB sensors that make physical computing easy. No soldering or breadboards required—students simply plug in a sensor, code in their preferred language and start creating.

Come by to receive a FREE introductory kit as well as a FREE sensor ($50+ value). You can then try writing your first Phidgets program that interfaces with the a sensor. When you’re done, try out a different sensor or work through an educational kit.

Please bring a laptop with USB ports and administrative privilege (no chromebooks).

To learn more, visit our website: https://www.phidgets.com/education

Type: Tech Savvy Exploratorium
Focus Area: 1:1, Coding, Emerging Trends, Makerspace, Mobile Devices, Robotics, STEM/STEAM, Teacher Librarian
Skill Level: Intermediate

Presented by

Lucas Pacentrilli Lucas Pacentrilli, Phidgets Inc.

Lucas Pacentrilli is a software engineer and education director at Phidgets Inc.