Build, Create, and Innovate (WP41)

Wednesday, March 4 3:00 pm–4:50 pm
WCC - 2B

Pre-Registration Required (Open)

Getting materials in the hands of students can be difficult. This workshop focuses on high-interest materials and activities that can be reproduced at little to no cost. From 3-D printing without a 3-D printer to building circuits and causing reactions, we will explore how to innovate without breaking the bank.

Type: BYOD Workshop
Focus Area: Makerspace, STEM/STEAM, Teacher Librarian
Skill Level: All levels

Presented by

Amber McVey Amber McVey, Pepper Ridge Elementary

I am a teacher, a student, a parent, and an innovator. I interact with learners of all ages, learning beside them to build and embrace a future filled with wonder and amazement. My goal is to explore what I don't know while providing a path to knowledge for others. To reach this goal, I continue to attend classes, teach elementary students, offer professional development, lead Girl Scouts, foster children, and collaborate with a broad range of industry. I don't know what I don't know - and I won't find out until I try.