Apple Lovers Delight

Friday, March 6 1:15 pm–2:05 pm
TCC - Chelan 4

Apple Nerds UNITE! This session is for the IOS lover in all of us. Get the best of the best IOS has to offer for the classroom in a quick-hitting style presentation to bring you maximum success. If you find one thing you can use, we have done our job. And Yes there is a Cheat Sheet!

Type: 50-minute Session
Focus Area: 1:1, Apple, Mobile Devices, Online/Blended Learning
Skill Level: Beginner

Presented by

David Lockhart David Lockhart, Big Guy in a Bow Tie Inc

David Lockhart is a little bit of everything. He is a teacher, coach, presenter, maker, and a whole host of other things that all have one goal in mind. Make the classroom different. He did it in his own classroom by bringing a historical news room concept to high school social studies, he did it as a coach and maker with the KSU iTeach team, and now he does it with coding as a member of the team at Tynker. Classroom’s need a change, and David’s mission is to bring it.