Cancelled: Art and Computer Science: Interactive Sculpture (FP94)

Friday, March 6 3:00 pm–4:00 pm
Resources Only (Presenter not in attendance) - RO

Pre-Registration Required (FULL)

Bringing Computer Science together with the generative creative aspect of Art can encourage a larger, more diverse audience to engage in computational thinking, coding, and electrical engineering. Arduino microcontrollers, precise motor control, and light arrays can provide students with a powerful new tool as part of their creative palette. Participants will design and code projects that could be implemented in a class with focus on Art, Computer Science, or Engineering and Design.

Type: PC Lab Workshop
Focus Area: Coding, CTE, Makerspace, Robotics, STEM/STEAM, Teacher Librarian
Skill Level: All levels

Presented by

Chad Norman Chad Norman, Odyssey Board

Chad Norman has worked as a professional educator for 20 years in the roles of classroom teacher and science education specialist. Currently, he is the Highly Capable Program teacher for the Mount Vernon School District in Washington and is the co-owner of Odyssey Board LLC. Chad’s work has explored how progressive uses of technology such 3D Printers, Arduino microcontrollers, and computer programming education can be integrated into K-12 classroom curriculum. His K-12 professional development workshops focus on improving student learning and engagement through the use of technology.

Terri Sligar Terri Sligar, Odyssey Board

I have over 20 years of teaching experience in mathematics and technology. Most of my instruction focuses on fostering understanding of Computer Science through engaging and creative projects using Arduino based microcontrollers, robotics, laser, and 3D printers. I have co-presented workshops and exhibits at multiple NCCE conferences, Bay Area Maker Faire, Linuxfest, and the Puget Sound Computer Science Teachers Association.