Research without Regurgitation

Thursday, March 5 2:15 pm–3:05 pm
TCC - Skagit 2

Have you ever wondered how to have students research without simply “spitting back” the facts in their final product? In this session, I will share several ways to have students actually DO something with the information they gather in their research. This leads to authentic USE of information and higher retention of the information learned. It also can lead to higher student engagement and enthusiasm for the process and/or final product.

Type: 50-minute Session
Focus Area: Brain Research/Neuroscience, Digital Citizenship, Emerging Trends, Online/Blended Learning, Teacher Librarian
Skill Level: All levels

Presented by

Kimberly Rose Kimberly Rose, Puyallup School District

I am a National Board Certified Teacher-Librarian in the Puyallup School District. I have worked as both a librarian and as a classroom teacher for various grade levels. I have presented at state and regional conferences and enjoy sharing what I know and learning from others.