Masterypiece: Implementing Mastery Learning in Your Classroom

Wednesday, March 4 9:30 am–10:20 am
TCC - Skagit 4

Looking for a way to personalize learning? Would you like to foster a growth mindset and ensure that failure is not an option? Then mastery learning is right for you and your students. Idaho Public Television Digital Innovator Gabe Garcia and PBS Digital Innovator All-Star Paige Somoza will give tips and strategies to make mastery implementation easy and help your learners reach their fullest potential.

Type: 50-minute Session
Focus Area: Assessment, Brain Research/Neuroscience, Online/Blended Learning, Professional Development
Skill Level: Beginner

Presented by

Gabe Garcia Gabe Garcia, Capital High School

IdahoPTV Digital Innovator Gabe Garcia teaches video production at Capital High School and computer science at Riverglen Junior High School in Boise. He is passionate about video production. But Gabe does more than just teach kids how to create quality videos. He also encourages organization, inspires confidence, helps build leadership skills, and teaches students how to tell important stories, theirs and others’. He loves sharing his passion and knowledge with other educators.


Paige Somoza encourages student creativity and choice, and believes these are important skills that will serve students as 21st century problem solvers. She encourages and trains educators to become risk takers in their own classroom by using mastery teaching strategies, project based learning, and virtual experiences. As a PBS Digital Innovator All-Star, Paige leads virtual professional development courses for PBS and creates educational content for PBS Learning Media.