Permission to Be Creative: A Panel on Transformational Collaboration

Wednesday, February 14 8:30 am–9:20 am
TCC - Skagit 4

It gave me the permission to be creative. Modeling and co-teaching can change the way your team collaborates across disciplines. This panel will have real conversations with educators who are new to deep collaboration supported by technology. Non-traditional multimodal assessments in this style of learning provide real challenges, but also a broader understanding of student learning. Engage with educators from grades 1 - 9 who teach STEM, World Language, Social Studies, and Mathematics and have transitioned a very different way of guiding learning. If you watched Microsoft's Hack the Classroom, you'll remember Erikk Hood with Remix. He'll be here live!

Type: Session-50 minute
Focus Area: STEM, Teacher Leadership
Skill Level: All levels

Presented by

Renee Barr Renee Barr, Renton Prep Christian School

I graduated from Eastern Washington University with a degree in Middle Level Mathematics in 2015 and taught in public schools for two years before joining the Renton Prep team. I have had the opportunity to facilitate lessons each day using a variety of Microsoft programs and technology at this new school. I have a passion for mathematics, and a goal for students to develop a deeper understanding and practical applications of the subject

Samantha Fredericks Samantha Fredericks

Educator in Spanish and Linguistics at Renton Prep Christian School. Passionate about student voice bridging the gap between Foreign Languages and Technology.

Erikk Hood Erikk Hood

Tamra Hood Tamra Hood

Susie Sung Susie Sung, Renton Prep Christian School

I taught traditional elementary for several years before stepping away from the classroom for many years. I returned to a technology rich classroom in my first year back.

Michelle Zimmerman Michelle Zimmerman, Renton Prep

Michelle Zimmerman received her PhD in Learning Sciences and Human Development from University of Washington, College of Education. As a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert, she is also a second year Microsoft MVP for global impact. With 17 years in the classroom (PreK -10th). Her students have gained international recognition through global school visits hosting Ministries of Education and Delegates at Renton Prep from China, Pakistan, Serbia, Australia, UK, Japan, Brazil and Netherlands, as well as U.S.A. They are published in Springer's International Human Computer Interaction Series and press such as VentureBeat.