Bridging the classroom to home gap: Enter SWAY!

Wednesday, February 14 8:30 am–9:20 am
TCC - Skagit 5

Is it possible that technology can be used to fill in the classroom to home gap by bringing the classroom to the parents? A picture is worth a thousand words, BUT what could be even better? A video of a child in action in the classroom neatly packaged in a user friendly very inviting SWAY presentation. A heads up for the coming week with colorful graphics and more student pictures! And that's only the beginning. Susan will show you how 2nd graders can actually mentor their parents as well as trouble shoot for their teacher in making their own family SWAY. We will see how 2nd grade and older students can have a voice through the classroom newsletter. Sway is an amazing learning tool that promotes success and "Wow, look what I can do!" feeling for all.

Type: Session-50 minute
Focus Area: Microsoft
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Presented by

Susan Thompson Susan Thompson, Renton Prep Christian School

Susan returned to teaching 6 years ago from a traditional training and teaching background to a Microsoft Showcase School that embraces cutting edge technology. Susan has come from very limited computer use to qualifying for the MIEExpert class of 2018. She has successfully used technology in a class of 2nd graders, involving their parents as learners with their children. She has come from needing abundant mentoring herself to one who is the mentor now for other teachers, parents, and students. All of this has been accomplished in the prime of her life from age 65 to just turning 71! If Susan can do this, anyone can!