Computer Science and Foreign Language: Programming Language

Thursday, February 15 4:00 pm–4:50 pm
TCC - Skagit 4

At the cross section of Foreign Language, Language Arts and Computer Science, Renton Prep teachers and students are connecting various aspects of linguistics. During this session, learn the benefits of blended linguistic learning and how to implement these ideas into your classroom. Enter the world of multidisciplinary linguistics, whether you are an ELA, foreign language, technology/STEM or general education teacher.

Students soon realize that writing code and planning to write an essay or narrative are actually similar tasks. The language acquisition process they use for learning Spanish applies in many ways to the skillsets for programming voice recognition systems in computer science.

Type: Session-50 minute
Focus Area: Emerging Trends, Professional Development, STEM
Skill Level: Intermediate

Presented by

Samantha Fredericks Samantha Fredericks

Educator in Spanish and Linguistics at Renton Prep Christian School. Passionate about student voice bridging the gap between Foreign Languages and Technology.

Jessica Pilsner Jessica Pilsner, Renton Prep

Samantha Fredericks is in her second year of teaching at Renton Prep Christian School. Samantha holds a B.A. in Foreign Languages in Spanish and Linguistics. She is currently getting her M.A. in Applied Linguistics in Romance Languages and Spanish. Samantha intertwines technology, culture, computer coding, and Microsoft Learning into her foreign language curriculum. Currently a Microsoft Innovative Educator, Samantha is always exploring with new ways to engage her students using these various applications within education technology. Samantha is currently starting her research for her thesis on Second Language Acquisition Learning Theory. Jessica Pilsner is in her third year of teaching. Her innovation and her experience has inspired her to use gaming as a vehicle to teach communication and storytelling in a multi-disciplinary, multi-project unit, through the game Journey. Ms. Pilsner is a Minecraft Global Mentor and is also a third year Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert and Surface Expert. Due to her speaking ability and passion for education technology, she was invited to film an introduction series for Minecraft Education Edition. She has presented at FETC, TCEA, and NCCE.