Being a Well-Adjusted Cyborg: What Neuroscience Tells Us about Using Technology

Wednesday, February 14 10:30 am–11:20 am
TCC - Tahoma 4

Every new technology starts arguments about the pros and cons of whether it should be used in school. The most current research on neuroscience and how our brains work gives us a clearer lens to look at these issues, and help us to understand when technology can be a benefit, and how it can be a hindrance to our students (and ourselves).

Type: Session-50 minute
Focus Area: Brain Research
Skill Level: All levels

Presented by

Conn McQuinn Conn McQuinn, McQuinnable Labs

Conn McQuinn has spent almost forty years in education, working at the Pacific Science Center and Puget Sound Educational Service District providing a wide range of programs in science education, educational technology, personalized learning, Makerspaces, neuroscience, and how all of these things connect!